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We leave properties better than we found them

Focused renovations, repositioning, and management are hallmarks of our strategy.

Commission PDX is proud to offer over 30 years of property management and investment experience. We are committed to our mission to leave properties better than we found them, and to improve the lives of those that we serve.

Our Work


Commission PDX has a mix of portfolio investments that entertain debt, dividends and equity investing. CPDX has teamed up with the award winning Appfolio Property Management & Investor Management Platform.

This platform offers all your portfolio accounts in one place where you can get real time views and easily track and manage your entire financial investment with once click. You can build, manage and forecast your real estate investments in once location.


Commission PDX provides detailed analytical data for every client to make fully informed investment decisions that will reduce risk to their portfolios.   We form and create partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that the highest caliber of service is provided to all that we serve.  


Commission PDX is growing at a fast rate. It’s developing physically, mentally and spiritually.  With its proper systems in place and work flow charts acquisitions have been at all time high.  In the coming months we are expanding at a rapid rate. Be on the lookout for updates from us as we embark on our mission to expand our reach all throughout the country. 


For any questions or concerns, reach us using one of the methods below.