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We leave properties better than we found them.

Our Story

While we might be young, our company is backed by over 30 years of real estate expertise. Learn more about our history below.

Our Mission

Commission PDX is dedicated to leaving properties better than we found them. Learn about our mission, goals, and accomplishments.

Our Team

Excellent service can only exist when it's backed by an equally impressive team. Find out more about the faces behind our operation.

Our story

Commission PDX was founded in 2018, upon decades of real estate and mortgage lending experience from partners Bob Christensen and Tony Matic.  For over 15 years, both Bob and Tony were managing independent businesses in their respective industries. However, as time passed, they found themselves working together in greater capacities to generate success for one another throughout a multitude of deals and business negotiations. With Bob’s excellent communication skills and Tony’s rigorous attention-to-detail, the two found that their individual skillsets combined became a powerful force. Naturally, they couldn’t help but entertain the idea of working together in a new business venture.

One fateful day while out on their travels, Bob and Tony had the fortunate experience of getting caught in a layover. With nothing else to do, they began talk turkey. After hours of brainstorming in the dimly lit Airport Bar, Tony and Bob finally pinpointed their niche. Now more than ever, real-estate investors are seeking a higher standard of preparation, service, and management of properties. However, providing this standard of excellence would require extreme efficiency and non-stop optimization.  

With this challenging vision in mind, the duo set out to establish a new model for vertically integrated real-estate development. From unexpected beginnings, Commission PDX was born. In the short-time that has passed since, we have grown our workforce and finished the development of Acorn®, a digital Real Estate engine designed to navigate us through every step of the property acquisition and improvement process.  Backed by both excellence in service, and the strength of technology– Commission PDX is enabling the success of those we serve every day.

Our Mission

“We are a collaborative team that focuses on using our professional skills to grow this business while keeping integrity at the forefront. All of us have a fiduciary responsibility to our investors to make safe, sound, and secure decisions that will improve our portfolio at a pace that stays true to our core values. Our mission is to purchase commercial real estate, improve the living spaces within these entities, and build quality relationships with the people that occupy them. We call this the CPDX way. We will leave properties better than we found them.”

Our Team

Bob Christensen


“Commission PDX people share a passion for the asset type in which we work: its investors, the people who work to improve it, and its end user, the tenant.”

Over the past two decades Bob Christensen has successfully started and developed high producing businesses in Mortgage Lending, Finance and Real Estate.  He has been married for over 20 years and has two beautiful children. 

Bob attended both Linfield College and Pacific University.  He possesses amazing skills in personal development; deal analysis, problem solving and investor relations.  He continues to strive to help people change the way they view mortgages and investing in their futures.

Tony Matic


“We here at The Commission PDX inspire to find properties and leave those properties better then we found them.  We leave them the CPDX way.”

Tony Matic is a partner with The Commission PDX LLC.  Tony and Bob have worked closely together for over 15 years in the real estate and finance business.   Tony as a license real estate agent in two states and Bob as a mortgage planner.  Together they have helped numerous people get their dream homes and/or investment properties.   

They have closed hundreds of transactions together.  Over the course of a decade they have fought through the ups and downs of the market and always came out on top.  They are battlefield tested and with over 30 years of experience it just made sense to team up and take their business to the next level. In March of 2018 they formed The Commission PDX, LLC.  It went from an idea on a napkin during dinner to a multi-million- dollar company in less than a year. CPDX is a Portland based Real Estate Company focused on acquiring, renovating, buy and holds and also managing multi-family housing across the globe.

Tony Matic is head of Acquisitions, Risk Management, Public Relations and Asset Improvements.    He also oversees joint ventures and partnership relations globally.

Tony Matic is a First Generation American – Croatian who grew up in Chicago, later on moving to Portland. He has been married 14 plus years and has one daughter. His father Thomas Matic Sr was a certified welder and his mother Mildred Matic worked at meat factory. They instilled hard work, ethics and family values.  Tony also has a brother ,Tom Matic Jr and a sister, Milena Matic.

Tony’s education is diverse.   He attended and graduated from Mount Hood Community College with an associate degree in Business Administration.  There he played scholarship baseball as a second basemen.  He then went on to play shortstop. with Oregon State University. Tony finished out his college education and graduated from Portland State University with a (BS) in Psychology.  Tony then took a job with Multnomah County Sheriff’s office and retired with over 24 years of service. Tony could not contain his love for real estate and entrepreneurship so he decided to get his real estate license.   Here is where he excelled and became a multi million dollar top producer for 3 major real estate companies, Century 21, Windermere Realty Partners and Real Estate Performance Group. He is still actively licensed in the State of Oregon and Washington and has sold over 1000 homes. He has received many accolades for his work in the real estate field. Tony’s experience and knowledge covers a multitude of areas in the real estate field. Every day, Tony expresses gratitude and feels blessed to be able to do something he loves to do.

Jill Ennis

Investor Relations

“Being a part of CPDX has opened my eyes and broadened my thinking and knowledge that the world is full and generous.  I am honored to experience life changing abundance personally and witnessing the blessings happen with long time and new clients of Principles, Bob and Tony.”

Jill has been a Loan Manager for Bob Christensen’s Mortgage Practice for 2 years. She has just recently moved over to the investment side of the business.  She has been married for over 11 years and has two children.

Jill has earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Portland State, after earning her associate’s degree from Chemeketa Community College, where she played softball, and after earning credits at University of Hawaii at Hilo and PCC.

Jill is enthusiastic about helping people reach their financial goals and help provide opportunities through this amazing vehicle

Joshua Buchanan

Technical Operations

“When I began work with CPDX, their philosophy to leave properties better than they found them made total sense to me. Unlike so many other property entities, CPDX approaches their work with the perfect combination of business sense and altruism.”

In 2010, Josh earned his Eagle Scout award after 5 years of hard-work and weekly scout-meetings. As a Boy Scout, one of the first things taught is to “leave no trace” by being mindful of trash on hikes and camping excursions. However his troop had their own spin on this– instead aiming to “leave it better than you found it.”  Subsequently, when he began work with CPDX, their philosophy to leave properties better than they found them made total sense. 

He remarks “Unlike so many other property entities, CPDX approaches their work with the right combination of business sense and altruism, aiming to improve properties and provide the utmost caliber of service to tenants.”

Within our organization, Josh brings 10 years of marketing and IT experience to the table, with a specialization in process optimization and growth management. He’s been fortunate to help direct and guide high-level technical strategies and consultation for marketing agencies, in-house development teams, and everything in-between. Currently he is the acting Director of Technical Operations for CPDX. 

“I’m extremely grateful to work for a company that places their focus on values that matter, backed by business decisions that promote steady growth and success.”